The Panee Thai Spa Treatments

Panee Thai Spa offers a comprehensive spa therapy service and we are able to cater to all our clients’ needs and requirements. Our highly trained, qualified and experienced therapists will give you, our valued client a therapeutic experience of a lifetime.

The Panee Thai Spa exclusive treatments include:

Thai Herbal Compress Therapy

This highly sought after therapy is performed using a compressed pack of Thai traditional healing and therapeutic herbs. This specialised pack is mixed in Thailand itself so as to give our clients the best possible treatment from Thai professional healers. This massage technique has the exceptional ability to provide aching muscle relief. We recommend this treatment for those seeking to unwind from stressful sport activities. The herbs that are incorporated in this treatment have been known to treat common physical ailments, making this the perfect therapy for sportsmen and women.

thai massage

Thai Yoga Massage

This is one of the most ancient healing therapies and is also considered to be a specialised form of art. Our massage artist will balance your body, mind and soul with this treatment. Relieving emotional and physical anxiety and stress. Experience deep and overwhelming relaxation with this incredible therapy.

Thai Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage

The most popular and proven form of Thai massage therapy and has been performed for over 5000 years in Asia. It’s a popular therapy due to its enormous benefits on the body.

• Headache and bodily pain relief
• Promotes a sense of calm and well-being while alleviating anxiety and stress
• Assists to get rid of toxins in the body and stimulate the immune system
• Improves circulation
• Reaches all centres of energy within the body

Thai Sport Massage

Kneading your muscles and stimulating your skeletal structure, this technique will balance the body and the mind. As a highly refined and specialised technique, our therapists will bring you much needed rejuvenation. This therapy is not appropriate for those suffering from diabetes or those who suffer from low blood pressure.

The Benefits of this therapy:

• Blood Pressure Reduced
• Heart Rate Reduced
• Circulation Improved
• Immune System Improved
• Muscles Relaxed
• Motion Range Improved
• Unblocking of Lymph and Blockages
• Scarring Reduction

Thai Foot Massage

Channelling body energy by working on the soles of the feet and stimulating the lower legs and improving blood circulation. An effective treatment that will leave you feeling calm, rejuvenated and above all else, healthy!


Thai Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage

This technique embraces both old and new massage techniques while using a blend of specialised oils. The treatment comes with many healing benefits and can assist in the healing of wounds, insomnia and headaches.

Traditional Thai Massage

This is a massage that incorporates acupressure techniques as well as specific yoga positions and poses. The stretching therapies will treat your entire body, stop pain, disease and give you a streamlined flow of energy.

Facial Treatment

Combining both West and East therapies, this technique helps in reducing aging signs and leaving you with a silky smooth face. Giving you renewed and well deserved confidence!

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth and heated stones are used to treat muscles and your skeletal structure. They are applied to specific points on your spine, palms and stomach.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, this is a treatment that will work wonders for you and your body:

• Anxiety and Depression
• Sleep Deprivation and Insomnia
• Muscular Sclerosis (M.S)
• Muscle Pains and Aches
• Circulation Problems
• Arthritis

Hot stone Massage

Swedish Massage

For a gentle and rejuvenating massage therapy, this is the ideal option for you! The massage techniques in this treatment include kneading and smooth and long strokes a long your muscles. This is done using massage lotions and oils.

Other Specilaised treatments that we offer include:

• Slimline and Cellulite Toning Treatment
• Foot Soak and Scrub
• 4 Hand Massage
• Reflexology
• Body Scrub Treatments

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