Spa Etiquette


Guest Etiquette

  • Arrive 15min prior to your appointment, to complete necessary documents.
  • Give your therapist feedback, let him/her know if you have any special needs or disabilities so that your
    visit is comfortable.
  • Know that you are in a professional spa environment and do not expect anything other than
    therapeutic or spa services.
  • Communicate your preferences during treatment so that therapist can adjust to you.
  • Be considerate to yourself and others. For example turn off your cell phone and be mindful of other
    clients space.
  • You may relax for a while once a treatment has been completed, but please be aware that the
    treatment room needs to be prepared for the next client.
  • Do not take food or refreshments to a spa.
  • Tipping is not necessary, but would be greatly appreciated.


  • Loyalty cards are issued and after your 10th visit you will receive 1 treatment of your choice
    absolutely FREE!
  • Please notify us of your intention to cancel any appointment 2 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Bookings for Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and Siam Treatment Room should be made at least 24
    hours prior to avoid disappointment.
  • Out Bookings are available Monday to Friday, between 9am and 9pm, 2 hours prior notice required.
  • Please supply us with a full and accurate medical history if any, so that we may best meet your needs.
    If in doubt please consult with your GP.

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