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Relax in Tranquil Surroundings

If you are looking to recharge your body, your mind and your soul with pure rejuvenation and relaxation, Panee Thai Spa offers the serene escape you desire. We offer specialised Thai massage therapies that will leave you with an overwhelming sense of tranquillity. Your anxiety and your stresses will evaporate and you will reconnect with your body, mind and soul. You are sure to leave our spa completely refreshed… ready to take on the world with ease.

Our spa is also popular for group bookings and we are able to cater to a variety of events such as stork parties, anniversaries and even golf days. This is a great and innovative way to celebrate, leaving you and your guests with a calm and renewed sense of self… an unforgettable gift of serenity. For the best Thai spa Johannesburg has to offer, look no further than Panee Thai Spa.

Heavenly Satisfaction Guaranteed with Panee Thai Spa

Thai Spa therapies are a highly sought after and exceptionally specialised form of massage therapy. The benefits of these exclusive therapies are truly extraordinary.

The Benefits of Thai Massage Therapies:

• Muscle Pain and Muscle Tension Relief
• Rejuvenating and Strengthening of the Body
• Nervous System Invigoration
• Improvement of Circulation
• A Sense of Heightened Consciousness
• Cases of Enhanced Immune Function
• Beneficial for those Suffering with Respiratory and Circulation Problems.
• Proven Post Surgery and Injury Rehabilitation Therapy
• Able to Lower Cholesterol

About Thai Massage

Buddhist teachings form the foundation of Thai massage therapy. The history and deep seeded roots of this Thai massage therapy can be linked back to what was known as Ayurvedic medicine. A well-known and highly respected doctor of this era, a close friend to Buddha, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, is seen as the founder of Thai massage therapy. The technique was developed around the popular and proven method of health therapy that we know today as acupressure. In the Thai massage method, a client or patient is placed in a variety of yoga postures and will experience relief throughout their body as well as their mind.


How Thai Massage Works

The therapies follow the Buddhist belief that the body is made up of 4 aggregates. The four aggregates being recognition, thought, emotion and consciousness. Buddhists believe that every person is born with these aggregates which are all made up of four elements. The elements being earth, fire, wind and water. These elements all represent certain physical components and allow for balance if they are integrated properly.

The Earth Element:

This element is believed to represent twenty bodily organs as well as body parts.

The Fire Element:

The fire element is representative of heating up 4 specific areas of the body

The Wind Element:

This is representative of circulation in six bodily directions, such as breath and circulation

The Water Element:

This represents another 12 products of organs.

Thai Massage therapy encompasses these 4 elements and believes that incorporating and balancing these specific elements into the massage therapy itself, will give you a chance to experience a sense of serenity, renewed health and translucent tranquillity.

The best full body massage Johannesburg has to offer, the most renowned services in reflexology Johannesburg has to give and for the best Swedish massage Johannesburg has on the market… Panee Thai Spa is the spa you desire!

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